Chris Linder

  • Athletic Therapist / Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • 15+ years experience working with athletes from amateur sports to professional hockey players. 


Think of me as your bodies mechanic. I help mountain bikers build and repair their bodies to ride for a lifetime.


I have gone through the ride myself into shape phase. Being nervous to go on a group ride because I wouldn't be able to keep up. Missing out on epic rides because I didn't want to bonk in the middle of nowhere. I also suffered from old chronic injuries slowing me down and limiting my time slaying single track. 


Through a focused functional program and dedicating myself to training year round, I have been able to propel myself to be one of the fittest riders in my circle of shredders.


Not only am I able to guide you to maximize your bodies natural movement and fitness. I will teach you how to take care of your body to keep you shredding for decades.


Send me an e-mail and let me know what you need help with and we can discuss how to help you achieve your goals.




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