Maf Heartrate Calculator

Introducing our MAF Heart Rate Calculator, using Phil Maffetone's Method, to determine your Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) heart rate. By understanding your MAF heart rate, you can train more effectively, lessen injury risk, and boost endurance.

Phil Maffetone's Method considers your age and fitness level to calculate your ideal MAF heart rate. Input your age, resting heart rate, and additional factors like recent illness or injury into our calculator to receive your individual MAF heart rate zone for tailored training.

MAF-based training helps build a robust aerobic base, enhance running economy, and improve overall fitness. As you advance, remember to reassess your MAF heart rate to keep your training effective and challenging.

Ideal for endurance athletes across all levels, our MAF Heart Rate Calculator is a key resource for training optimization and progress monitoring. Harness Phil Maffetone's Method to unlock your aerobic potential and meet your fitness goals.