In-person group training program for mountain bikers wanting to become stronger, more resilient and build flow on the trails.

  • Build strength, mobility, endurance and all around athleticism this winter
  • Train with with like minded riders
  • 2x / week training sessions
  • Program design to help you progress strength and athleticism while riding multiple times/week.
    • Workouts will not leave your muscles sore for days needing time of the bike to recovery.

2024 Spring & Summer Session Details


Spring: April 8 - May  15 - 12 sessions - Currently in Progress


  • Mon/Weds: 6-7am
  • Mon/Weds: 8-9pm

Summer: May 22 - June 26 - 11 Sessions


  • Mon/Weds: 7-8am

Summer Session Sign Up - Sign up closes Monday, May 20 at midnight.

Location: Visions Sports Centre (ALFA Project) - 7475 Flint Rd SE, Calgary


*** If you are interested in training with a group of friends please contact me through the contact link in the above menu so we can discuss a set up which will work for you.