Custom Coaching Packages

Do you have big goals but not sure how to reach them?

Want to move up the leaderboard in a race series?

Planning an epic bike vacation you want to enjoy instead of suffering during the trip?

Injured and want to work with a professional who intimately understands mountain biking to help you get back on the trail?

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What my clients have to say

I started working with Chris to get strong for the sport I love.Everything from the app, the recovery and mobility workouts plus the follow ups with Chris are great. Everything is very detailed and helpful.



This is my first real off-season in a proper winter climate in 5 years. I have never been a gym person and don’t know how to train off the bike. He created me a personalized training program around my shift worker schedule, using just the equipment I had available. My goal is to prep for the upcoming Canadian Enduro Series season. His videos and assessments explain everything, online platform is easy to use, and most workouts can be done in under an hour. Not to mention having someone keep you accountable and stoked on your progress.

I can’t believe how strong I felt on the bike in Baja. Anyone wanting some off season motivation, book a consultation with Chris to discuss your goals! As an athletic therapist and enduro racer, his knowledge is exactly what I was looking for.

Heather - Paramedic/MTB Coach/Enduro Racer

Chris creates tailored programs to your budget and your goals. My personal program was easy to follow and showed great progress after only a little while with it. In addition, he is also very engaged, ensuring that you stay to your plan and are motivated to reach your set fitness goals. And even better is that it’s purpose built for mountain bikers, not a cookie cutter online fitness program like some others.

So far, my program has increased my confidence and fitness entering this biking season.

Alex - Gravity Racer/MTB Skills Coach

*Coaching plans are based on how much commitment you are asking from yourself AND your coach, not necessarily the level of rider you are.*

⬥ Advanced Coaching Plan

This plan is for riders looking to reach their highest potential. You will have regular and consistent coaching to keep you accountable to make sure you execute your training plan to the best of your ability.

If you are recovering from injury, or regularly have pain when you ride and train, this plan will include your rehab and reconditioning in your program. Other coaching packages are not appropriate for injury rehab as your program must be adapted regularly based on your injuries progression and regression cycles.

Goal setting and planning

Custom training plan designed to meet your goals and fit you life

Option of Weekly coaching calls (30min each)

Unlimited email/in app messaging for feedback and adjustments of training plan

Regularly scheduled assessments and testing to monitor progress and lead program design

Video analysis of exercise technique

Video analysis of mountain bike skills

In-depth data analysis of endurance workouts if required

Nutrition Coaching

Pre-Race strategy planning and Post-Ride debrief

Access to:

  • Educational content
  • Online Community
  • Discounts to in-person training and Athletic Therapy sessions (Located in Calgary, AB)

** 20% Discount for juniors, U21 and university students pursuing results in a race series of one or more disciplines.

$250 Per Month

Currency: Canadian Dollar

🟦 Intermediate Coaching Plan

For riders who have experience following a training plan who have goals and a life schedule that require a custom program.

You are comfortable with exercise form and are able to follow a plan with occasional support from a coach.

This plan is not for those who are injured or who experience pain when riding and training.

Custom training plan designed to build towards your goals and fit your life.

1x/month program adjustment

Monthly coaching call (30min) or email based on goal planning and reflection questionnaire  

Assessment and testing at beginning of program and between season (3-4x/year) to monitor progress and lead program design.

Nutrition and supplement guidance.

Basic data monitoring for work load of endurance training

Access to:

  • Educational content
  • Online Community
  • Discounts to in-person training and Athletic Therapy sessions (Located in Calgary, AB)


$175 Per Month

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Contact Chris to discuss what plan will work best for you.

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