Home Gym Set Up

Getting Started, February 13, 2022

What equipment do you need to build a versatile home gym?

The following is a list of equipment and items to set up a home gym.

The equipment in the Essentials list will allow for a minimal set up with minimal restrictions placed on program design and exercise selection. I have created links to examples for each piece of equipment. There are no affiliate links in here. Just products I feel will be of benefit to you. Please send me an email if you have any questions about any equipment you see here.


Adjustable Dumbbells - Enough weights for 40+ per DB

Spinlock DB Handles - Collars - Plates 10lb x 8 , 5lb x 4 , 2.5lb x 4

Resistance Tubing with Handles - Choose at least 3. Depending on strength pick accordingly

Light - Yellow , Green , Red , Blue , Black , Grey - Heavy 

Suspension TrainerTRX - X-Rival 

Doorway Chin Up Bar

Heart Rate Monitor

Ideally a chest strap that is ANT+ and Bluetooth. This will add versatility for pairing with GPS computers/watches and Apps

Examples4iiii Viiiiva (Local Alberta Company) , Garmin Dual HRM 


Stationary Trainer/Bike

Many options from a price range of $200 -$2000.

Not sure what to get? Find all of the different features to choose from are overwhelming? I can give some suggestions based on your preferences and budget.

Foam Roller

Muscle release ball

LAX Ball , Baseball, Softball

Balls of different sizes can be useful depending on how deep you want to get.

Training shoes - flat firm soles give best variety  

Examples - Reebok Nano X  

  New Balance Minimus

I advise against a shoe with a thick soft sole. A thicker firm sole like the Nano or a thin sole like the minimus will be the best options.

Interval Timer AppApple - Android


Nice to Haves


Massage Gun

Many different brands and models on the market ranging from below $100 to $800.

Pick one that fits your budget and has the features you desire 

Jump Rope

Trap Bar


Olympic Weight Plates - 45lb X 2 (more depending on strength) - 25lb x 2 - 10lb x 2 - 5lb x 2 - 2.5lb x 2



Pull Up Assistance Bands  Red , Yellow , Purple , Green , Blue , Orange

Not just for pull ups, also great for strength exercises

Mini BandsYellow , Green , Red , Black

GPS Bike computer or smart watch 

(Hint: Garmin syncs to this training platform)

Gym Boss Timer - Interval Timer Stop watch. It’s a very cool product I love to use

Fat Grips

Wrist Roller