Home Gym Set Up

Getting Started, February 13, 2022

What equipment do you need to build a versatile home gym?

The following is a list of equipment and items to set up a home gym.

The equipment in the Essentials list will allow for a minimal set up with minimal restrictions placed on program design and exercise selection. I have created links to examples for each piece of equipment. There are no affiliate links in here. Just products I feel will be of benefit to you. Please send me an email if you have any questions about any equipment you see here.


Minimal set up that will leave you with very few limitations

Adjustable Dumbbells - Enough weights for 40+ per DB

Spinlock DB Handles - Collars - Plates 10lb x 8 , 5lb x 4 , 2.5lb x 4

Resistance Tubing with Handles - Choose at least 3. Depending on strength pick accordingly

Light - Yellow , Green , Red , Blue , Black , Grey - Heavy 

Suspension TrainerTRX - X-Rival 

Doorway Chin Up Bar

Heart Rate Monitor

Ideally a chest strap that is ANT+ and Bluetooth. This will add versatility for pairing with GPS computers/watches and Apps

Examples4iiii Viiiiva (Local Alberta Company) , Garmin Dual HRM 


Stationary Trainer/Bike

Many options from a price range of $200 -$2000.

Not sure what to get? Find all of the different features to choose from are overwhelming? I can give some suggestions based on your preferences and budget.

Foam Roller

Muscle release ball

LAX Ball , Baseball, Softball

Balls of different sizes can be useful depending on how deep you want to get.

Training shoes - flat firm soles give best variety  

Examples - Reebok Nano X  

  New Balance Minimus

I advise against a shoe with a thick soft sole. A thicker firm sole like the Nano or a thin sole like the minimus will be the best options.

Interval Timer AppApple - Android


Nice to Haves

By no means mandatory, if you are going to buy any of these items, consider if it will be worth it to help you towards your goals.


Massage Gun

Many different brands and models on the market ranging from below $100 to $800.

Pick one that fits your budget and has the features you desire 

Jump Rope

Trap Bar


Olympic Weight Plates - 45lb X 2 (more depending on strength) - 25lb x 2 - 10lb x 2 - 5lb x 2 - 2.5lb x 2



Pull Up Assistance Bands  Red , Yellow , Purple , Green , Blue , Orange

Not just for pull ups, also great for strength exercises

Mini BandsYellow , Green , Red , Black

GPS Bike computer or smart watch 

(Hint: Garmin syncs to this training platform)

Gym Boss Timer - Interval Timer Stop watch. It’s a very cool product I love to use

Fat Grips

Wrist Roller